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Environmental Policy

The Hotel Baia Cascais

has taken on the responsibility of reducing the impact of its activity, on the environment, serving as an example and spreading awareness of good environmental practices to its guests and clients. We can help change the world, drawing attention to the lack of natural resources and demonstrating that in order to preserve these, all you have to do is use them rationally. We wish to show that we can satisfy our guests’ needs and still reduce our impact on the environment. Thus, the key points of our strategy to achieve this are:

Cascais, 1st January 2015
João Coruche
General Manager

What we have done

The Hotel Baia Cascais has taken on the responsibility of being an example when it comes to good environmental practices. Our efforts have been recognized and we have received the following certificates:

Green Key

Trip Advisor

We have adopted an environmental policy that reflects our wishes. We are ambitious as it represents investment in equipment and training but the end result is rewarding. Changing the attitudes of all our staff, suppliers and clients takes time but we have been here for over 5 decades, so we will persevere.

In order to know us better, please find below some measures we have implemented and some suggestions of how you can help save the environment without sacrificing your quality of life.


Toilet flushes in all rooms and public areas have been adapted to reduce water consumption. Dirty towels are replaced at the request of the guests (if a guest hangs his towel up again it means it can be used again). Bed linen is replaced in occupied rooms every 2 days. Washing machines are only put into use when at full capacity. Water meters have been placed in strategic points of the hotel so as to identify any potential water leaks. All taps and showers have been adapted to reduce water consumption. The quality of the pool water is controlled daily and water renovation is controlled.

If you wish to help us to reduce our impact on the environment here are some ways you can help:

Think twice before flushing unnecessarily. If you can use your towel again don´t leave it on the floor. Hang it up again. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. If a tap is leaking in your room, please let us know. Whenever possible choose to shower instead of having a bath and turn off the water when soaping.


No electricity is supplied in the rooms unless the keycard is inserted in its slot. The Hotel Baia is equipped with low consumption light bulbs which consume 80% less energy and last 8 times as long as normal bulbs. Corridors are equipped with LED lights. Electricity meters have been placed at strategic locations in the Hotel to control consumption. At times of low occupancy the hotel tries to lodge all guests on the same floors to save energy. Switches have been installed so that the A/C will not work when windows are open.  The swimming pool water temperature is controlled according to the season so as to avoid wasting energy. All IT equipment in the hotel has been substituted for low consumption units. Exterior lighting is time programmed. Periodic maintenance and cleaning is executed in order to prevent mal function in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

If you wish to help us to reduce our impact on the environment here are some ways you can help:

Do not turn on lights that you do not need. Do not leave equipment turned on that you are not using. Please close all windows when the A/C is on. Please avoid using the A/C. Turn the TV off instead of leaving it on “standby”. If any equipment is not working properly, please let us know.


Equipment is only used when necessary and when at full capacity. Water temperature is controlled in order to minimize gas use according to the hotel’s occupancy.

If you wish to help us to reduce our impact on the environment here are some ways you can help:

You can have quick showers at the appropriate temperature. Reduce the use of towels.

Detergents and Chemicals

Our washing machines are programmed to avoid water and detergent waste and are only used at full capacity. We only use large containers of concentrate to reduce waste of packaging materials and increase efficiency. All containers are kept in retainers to avoid accidental spillage.

If you wish to help us to reduce our impact on the environment here are some ways you can help:

Do not send towels to the wash that do not need it. Do not touch cutlery that you are not going to use.


All our waste is separated for recycling. Paper for printing and note pads are used on both sides and we promote “not printing” e-mails. Damaged clothes are used as cleaning rags. Used and un-repairable equipment (including batteries, light bulbs and ink cartridges) are returned to authorized companies for recycling. Used cooking oils are stored in appropriate containers and sent to an accredited supplier for proper disposal or recycling.

If you wish to help us to reduce our impact on the environment here are some ways you can help:

Reduce the amount of waste you produce. Separate waste whenever possible (recyclable waste in the waste paper basket and other waste in the bin in the bathroom). Do not litter. If you have used batteries do not put them in the bin. Leave them on the desk and we will send them to the proper recycling unit. At the breakfast buffet serve yourself only of what you can eat. Avoid serving large quantities of food o beverages. The more that is left on the plate, the bigger the waste.

Social Aspects

We are conscious of the social problems around us. We want to help those in need and so we contribute to charities donating meals, clothes and equipment. This way we reduce waste and help those in need. We want to make a difference in this society that seems to be growing more and more impersonal and indifferent towards the wellbeing of our fellow man.

Thank you for helping us to preserve the planet!

With your help we can do better!